Heritage Development and Construction Company, Inc. (HDC) was established in 1978 to address the need for additional office space in Kankakee, Illinois, the company’s home base. The success of its early health care related projects has spurred expansion to development activities in commercial real estate. Health care projects continue as a mainstay of the firm’s current projects in progress. Integral to the success of HDC has been its ability to secure, in addition to conventional financing, tax increment financing and municipal subsidies for the vast majority of its projects.

Our philosophy is to consider projects with a program mentality. Facilities are not simply a compilation of floor plans, bricks and mortar. They are rather the end product of, consideration for, and attention to, function, site, financing, occupancy, management, ownership and design aesthetics. Heritage Development and Construction Company, Inc. places particular emphasis on researching and procuring creative financing vehicles and ownership arrangements which are a trademark of its success with tough projects.

Our experience, as detailed in the enclosed, documents our ability to handle a broad range of medical and commercial development and construction projects. We set ourselves apart by accomplishing this through the personal involvement of our top management and meticulous attention to the individual needs of our clients.